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Confused?   Which course to choose? Career choices are life choices. Take them seriously. Come, join BMEF and do it correctly. “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it”. Education is a journey not a race. Be a part of this beautiful journey of life with BMEF. Find out perfect course for you at BMEF, where you learn and leave behind legacy that people will follow. Bhagwan Mahavir Education Foundation (BMEF) is a well known Trust established in 2002 .It’s main objective is to provide Quality Education to the students of Gujarat and undertake all the activities for upliftment and job oriented education. The foundation was registered on 24 Jan 2002 at SURAT. Under BMEF trust they have 3 engineering colleges. BMCET – Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering And Technology MSCET – Mahavir Swami College Of Engineering And Technology BAIT – Bhagwan Arihant Institute and Technology All colleges teach various courses like Engineering & Tec

Experiential learning brings out the best in student

There is an old adage which sums up experiential learning perfectly.

“I hear & I forget

I see and I remember

I do & I understand.”

experimenal learning


Wikipedia defines experiential learning as:” the process of learning through experience. “In experiential learning student engagement increases. It accelerates learning and it improves retention. It also enhancesstudent’s knowledge and skills. The act of doing makes learning extremely personal.
Here are the reasons why experiential learning is the future learning.

1)    Experiential learning increases the effectiveness of learning. Students engage in critical thinking, acquire problem solving skills and engage in decision making.

2)    It provides a safe learning environment. It is natural that mistakes happen during the process of learning. But students learn through it, face it and it will brings out the best in students.

3)    It will bridge the gap between theory and practice. Students get the chance to engage in experience and practice what they have learned.

4)    Dramatic impact – there are very few learning methods that can have a dramatic impact on the participants mindset.Experiential learning is one of them. Management Guru Henry Mintzberg told that “Leadership, like swimming can’t be learned by reading about it.”

5)    Experiential learning delivers valuable and exception ROI. Experiential learning is personal and effective in nature. It influences both feelings and emotions as well as knowledge and skills. It goes beyond classroom learning and guarantees that there is high level of retention.  by this way it provides exceptional ROI over a traditional learning program.

In this way for a truly well-rounded education, students need more than just lecture. They also need to be put in the driver’s seat to solve problems and grow not just intellectually but spiritually and emotionally as well. Experiential learning discovers hidden strengths and talents of students and also increase their activity. 

So BMEF fully believe in Experimental Learning


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