Aeronautical Engineering Course offered by BAIT

Curricula, teaching paradigm and faculty are the most crucial points that define best engineering colleges. Engineering is a very competitive field and sees stiff competition among best engineering colleges. Top Engineering colleges compete among themselves and constantly update curricula and teaching methodologies to match the dynamism of today.

BAIT is one of the reputed best engineering colleges in Surat which has recognized members of faculty who are trained, skilled and experienced. BAIT has the student populace that makes this college best engineering college through their involvement, research and performance. Under BMEF trust they have 3 engineering colleges. 1) BMCET 2) MSCET 3) BAIT. Some unique engineering course like Aeronautical Engineering is offered by BAIT.

The students of Aeronautical Engineering,   BAIT absorb and apply their knowledge very efficiently when they join the working brigade. When their competence is challenged the students of Aeronautical Engineering, of…

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things is a fresh evolving technology which aims at connecting things to the internet aiding an intelligent system to perform human tasks lacking human interaction. IoT comprises of variety of application domains such as Healthcare, agriculture, industrial automation, connected/Smart home, smart cities and many more. Healthcare system praises wearable sensors which monitors internal body behaviour changes and reports to a base station in the network for analysis and making decisions. Monitoring pressure, temperature, etc. leads to industrial automation and checking soil moisture, crop health, etc. contributes to agriculture/environmental monitoring systems. Smart home is a dominating application which contributes towards the household comfort of humans in carrying out day-to-day tasks. Home automation comprises of some intelligent devices or sensors which monitors different home appliances like lights, heating and cooling systems, doors and windows, etc. which are hooked up to a network that is remotely controlled. All such applications are related by one term Wireless Sensor Network.

Ms. Deeksha Gupta
Assistant Professor
Bhagwan Arihant Institute of Technology


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Aeronautical Engineering Course offered by BAIT

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